Saturday, March 16, 2013

// how to store boots for the winter

I'm being optimistic in assuming that I won't need my boots any more after I come back from our trip.
Winter will be gone gone gone ... I hope.
It snowed all day today so it might be more far fetched than I think
but I'm going to go ahead and store my boots away.

I usually don't take too much care to put things away in any special way.
I'm kind of careless in that way but I've seen the wearing effects of just throwing things into our attic...
and since boots for me are investment pieces in my closet
I realized I should protect them as so.

My boots sometimes bend at the ankle making them prone to rip.
Does that happen to yours too?
So I started stuffing them with ripped shoe boxes shaped into tube-like shapes to make them stay upright.
But that looks a little messy. 
Then it hit me that all those empty wine bottles I keep in the basement
could be used instead of ripped carton.

So here it is. Wine bottles as a solution for boot storage...
and you know I needed a new excuse to drink wine. 

1 comment:

Jelli said...

Love this tip! I was using the cardboard that came with my (only pair of) boots until my toddler ripped it to shreds. I'll definitely have to do this. Thanks for sharing!


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