Tuesday, March 5, 2013

// life lately

wearing a top bun almost every day. the bangs help me look polished. 
but don't be fooled... i probably didn't shower. 

teaching her to cook. start 'em young. 

making cookies...

... and then fruit smoothies because i'm a responsible mother.

taking bubble baths to kill time inside. winter be gone.

getting a passport for miss sg and realizing that my kids are twins

visiting the nature trailside center after church

playing. grabbing. developing. 

he is smitten by his sister.

a big ol' flower from a special friend of ours. 

getting familiar with family (pun intented) (project coming soon),
learning how to use headphones, 
and working on our spanish vocabulary
to prepare for our upcoming trip.


Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

I used to love the trailside center when I was a kid!

abby said...

The crib picture is my favorite! Isn't it the best to watch them interact?

Anna Demko said...

You will do great on your trip!
Lovely kiddos you got there:)


The Olive Tree Blog said...

what a cute little family you have there! I love that your cook with your kids and eat the dough ;)


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