Tuesday, March 12, 2013

// four months // siena grace

i don't remember saying you were allowed to grow up
but that's what you're doing, girlfriend.
15 pounds, 25 inches
you giant.

this last month you've started interacting and playing with your toys 
and it's such a joy to watch you watching your brother.
yesterday your daddy whispered to me "they're going to be good friends"
you better be.

it's also quite clear that you're a girl. 
you are so dramatic sometimes.
when you get hurt, you cry and cry and cry
then you stop
then you remember whatever it is that hurt you and you cry some more

as you can see you're kinda sitting
which the doc said is advanced for your age
i wanted to tell her that you're not actually sitting 
it's more like your very ample spare tire is balancing your round little body in a sitting position
but i let you take the credit instead

you also decided to start refusing the bottle.
we're working on that. 
you probably don't know but we've been bottle feeding you in your sleep at like 11pm.
we know you haven't forgotten how to latch on to a bottle so you should just drop the act.
you ain't got us fooled. sorry.

life is busy around here and i'm grateful that i've remembered to do these little month-to-month posts
because i feel like everything is zooming past me
and if i don't stop to get a few snaps of you
i wont remember what your sweet face looked like and what you were doing at this age
it's so nice to go back and look at these pictures from the last few months and soak in all of your beauty.


Megan said...

aaawwww!!! She is SO ADORABLE!! Look how tiny her little feet are!!!!!! :)

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Sitting up! I'm so impressed with this cutie!

The Olive Tree Blog said...

AWWW SHE IS A DOLL!!!! loved this sweet little post and the part about the spare tire maybe me laugh ;)

sarah said...

i mean for real. SO stinking cute. :) love her!!


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