Thursday, April 18, 2013

// costa rica // part four

costa rica part three

if you didn't notice, i was in costa rica for a few weeks.
i mean ... if you couldn't tell from all the posts about it. i'm almost done i promise.

the last weekend that we were in cr we spent at a beach house in caldera by the puntarenas port
the port isn't known for its pristine beaches (i mean.. it's a port)
but the property where we stayed was absolutely beautiful.
there was a great pool and so you better know that jake woke up at 8 and was in the pool by 8:30
one day he was in the pool until 1pm. we made him get out so all the adults could eat lunch
so he decided to play in the little pool and was literally falling asleep in this picture

i kid you not he fell asleep for four hours afterwards and we had to wake him up and this happened:

it was so freaking hot siena was in heaven when she was in the pool. 
seriously. so hot. 

as you can tell my kids were so happy with all the adults that could cater to their needs at their immediate demand. 

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