Monday, April 15, 2013

// costa rica // part one

if you haven't noticed, things have been quiet around here for the last month or so.
i took my two babes to costa rica for a few weeks.
not on vacation, per se. i took them to see our family.
but in costa rica, wherever you go it's basically vacation.

so here i go. i'm going to blog about our trip based on the few places we traveled.

first off: alajuela. 

my dad, aunt, and uncle live in alajuela. 
they live in a suburb of san ramon a fifteen minute drive into the mountains.
when i see these pictures i can't believe i woke up tosee that pretty mountain every morning.
it's really a beautiful place.

i keep saying three weeks was a long time for me to go away but it was perfect for the kids.
we were relaxed and were able to take time in between trips 
to visit family in different parts of the country so that they could rest and acclimate. 
there was no rush. nothing was crammed in. 

this wasn't any truer than during the first three days of the trip.
the first night we were in cr, jake started wheezing.
my boy has asthma and his episodes escalate really quickly so i was freaked out.
i brought his nebulizer with us but his medicine was left behind because i'm a dud.
i spent the night praying over him and watching him breathe heavily 
while trying to catch some zz's here and there.
thankfully, my cousin is a doctor and he was able to get me the meds for jake the next day.
it was so scary to have a sick kid in another country but i was thankful i brought his medical equipment down 
otherwise we would have definitely been admitted to the hospital. 
he had fully recooped by the weekend which was great because my dad would be around to hang out.

enough with the scary part. 
the awesome part was having the kids hang out with family. 
it's the reason we make the trip every year and it's always worth it.

this is siena's first time in her great grandma's arms:

and her first time meeting my dad:

he was so happy to see her and even took care of her one night when i had a migraine. 

these two are old pals:

jake was in heaven playing outside. the boy is meant for dirt and rocks, that's for sure.

stay tuned for some pictures of our visit to my mom's side of the fam. 

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