Wednesday, April 17, 2013

// costa rica // part three

third up in our trip around the world... the world meaning costa rica
at the last minute, my husband decided it would be nice for us to spend a few days on the beach.
literally, on sunday he asked if i would like to rent a house on the beach later in the week.
by monday night he had found one, spoken to the manager, and paid for it.
all we had to do was grab some groceries and drive there.

on a bit of a side note, that guy is something else.
he was home working his tushy off, both in the office and at home doing projects for me.
and on top of that he was preoccupied with us having a good time.
he's too nice to me. 

the house he got us was in esterillos, about midway through the west coast of the country.
the area is considerably undeveloped. 
the house was simple but it had everything you could need 
including a/c and a washing machine which not all rentals have.
(i felt totally domestic hanging up laundry to dry on the clothesline)

all you had to do to get to the beach was cross the unpaved street
and if you heard leaves ruffling outside, it was probably one of the iguanas that lives on the land.

i'm not sure if it was even noon when i drank this but damn a cold beer is good on the beach.

jake was afraid of the ocean in esterillos. 
i think it had something to do with how wide open the ocean was and how loud the waves were.

i guess when you only see your grandkids once a year, you become super super extra indulgent with them.
my dad carried gallons of water up and down the beach so jake would play in that bucket.
we had a blow up pool with us  but we never brought it onto the beach.

beach babies. hammock babies. 
they make me happy.

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