Tuesday, April 16, 2013

// costa rica // part two

next up was my hometown in perez zeledon.
whenever i go there i stay with my aunt and her family
and this year was a little special because there was another baby in da house
my cousin had a baby two days after i had siena 
so the girls got to play just like their mamas did a quarter of a century ago.

we went to the beach a few times, visited my grandma, and hopped in the pool every morning
or "the beach" as jake referred to it.

meeting another great grandma:

my grandma is so hip. like for real.

a little note about this picture. he's in time out. does he look like he's being punished?
no. that's a big n . o .
it was hard to find a place to put this kid where he wouldn't find something interesting.
here, for instance, he decided to hang his legs off the balcony while he watched my cousin clean the pool.
soon after this, he was rocking out to the tunes my cousin was playing.

siena grace discovered her toes since there weren't socks on them. 
she chomped on them day and night. so cute.

camera hater.

an afternoon on the beach. it was perfect. 

we spent another day at the beach. it was middle of the day when this picture was taken which meant that the sand was about 102 degrees in the shade. 
jake, somehow, was able to not only walk but play and lay on the sand in the sun without even flinching. 
the kid is tough.

i hope you're not fed up with my costa rica posts because there are a few more coming. 
tomorrow, pictures of our first rental house!

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