Wednesday, April 24, 2013

// five months // siena grace

siena grace. 
this month, you're sharing the spotlight because i haven't been able to do a proper photoshoot 
with you and if i wait too long, you'll be 6 months. and we can't have that. 
your daddy snapped some pictures of us this weekend... 
then your brother joined in with some balloons. i hope you don't mind. 

you turned 5 months on the day that we were flying back from costa rica. 

we've been a little busy with you here. you're growing up so fast and you're like a little person already.
your baby-baby stage went by too quickly and now you're just becoming a little girl before our eyes.

all of the sudden, i'm finding you in places where i didn't put you. you roll over, all over. 
and you are just d y i n g to reach the knobs on the tv stand. patience, young grasshopper. 
you also rolled over in your rock and sleep earlier today so it's time to get you sleeping on your back in the co-sleeper. you've only slept flat on your back a handful of times so we'll see how that goes. 

you love the exersaucer and all it's noises. i can't believe you already figured out how to use the toys on it. you're a firecracker. you are the happiest little girl i have ever encountered. you never deny a smile from anyone and it's so easy to make you laugh. you're quiet and content unless you're hungry or tired. thankfully, you've got a little schedule going so it's easy to predict what you need when you need it. 

your brother loves you. while we were away, he didn't have so many toys, so you became one of his favorite things to play with. i see you two together and my heart leaps. he loves you, you love him. you guys have each other forever and ever, even long after your dad and i will be gone. that makes me happy.

you are seriously a little beauty. chubby cheeks. the yummiest legs i ever did see. 
your eyes seem to be a brown/hazel and your hair has a red tint to it. your eyebrows are certainly red. 
i'm sure that'll change but for now it is adorable. 

the newest development in your little life is that you have been taking a bottle consistently for days. 
and guess what? we're leaving you in june overnight. thanks for that little girl. 
we love you guys but boy do we need a night away. 

then i'm leaving you for a few days in august. we don't have to talk about that just yet.

for now just know that your daddy and i love you. you bring so much joy into our lives.


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