Wednesday, May 8, 2013

// an encouragement, an outfit, a favorite thrift find

This past Sunday, I remembered to take a pic of my outfit because I liked it.
The pictures are awkward self-timer photos but they'll do the trick.
I haven't done an "outfit post" in forever 
but I had a quick convo with a friend over the weekend that made me want to say something. 

top- my favorite thrift find ever
necklace- annie sez (thanks mom!)
pants- old navy
sandals- chinese laundry at tjmaxx
ripped belt that i keep putting together- little brother hand me down

My friend told me that she asked her husband for an opinion on an accessory 
and he didn't like it so she didn't wear it.
Who hasn't  done that? I mean I do that like every other day.
I used to do it more often.

Why? I do it because I think that if he thinks I look weird then other people probably will too.
But who cares? If you feel good in something then just wear it. 
Even if you think it's weird, just call it a "statement"
(a statement necklace, a statement outfit, statement shoes)
Go with it. You only live once and life is too short to have brand new hot pink shoes collecting dust in your closet
(is that just me?)
And when you do wear that daring skirt, shirt, or scarf... own it. 
Don't hide, don't cross your arms in hopes no one sees you. Just be confident. 
Haters always be hating.

For example: Phil hates strongly dislikes my shimmery gold granny sweater that I thrifted last winter for like $5.
But I love it and I wear it almost every weekend. 
I'm sure not everyone thinks that it's the bomb like I do.
Oh. Well. 

Here's a bad picture to show you how shimmery my top is.
I think Phil's just embarrassed to be seen next to 
what looks like a wanna-be contestant of So You Think You Can Dance


grey rose (they/them) said...

amen! own it :)
love those pants.
and no hair advice, but you look cute :)

carolynmp said...

1. I love your hair au natural. And if you can pull that off, enjoy it!
2. I know that shirt, and I love it too! And I love your confidence!
3. you crack me up!


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