Friday, May 3, 2013

// four

four years ago (yesterday) phil and i said i do
we were babies. in the grand scheme of life, we are still babies
but when i think about it, i wonder what was going through our heads.
we were 23 and 21.
like... w h a t? we were seriously mere children. 
and we thought we could get married???

but damn i'm glad we did because my life is good.

the haters said "you are TOO young!"
"you have your WHOLE life ahead of you!" "are you sure? marriage is HARD!"

well, yeah,
we w e r e young,
d i d did have our whole lives ahead of us,
and marriage  i  s hard. 


we were excited and enthusiastic to start a life together.
perhaps we were a little idealistic and naive 
but we were committed. 

and we still are.

phil and i aren't a "perfect" match by faaaaar.  

over the last almost seven years of our relationship, it has been sprinkled with a share of obstacles
small ones, but struggles nonetheless.

phil and i are really different in a lot of ways. 
we're also so stubborn in our own ways. 
we're both slow to say i'm sorry.
we get annoyed at each other (one of us more than the other).
we're still figuring out our roles as husband and wife.
we have different expectations of each other.

but i think the commitment to not throwing in the towel is what has made the difference for us.

in a society packed with instant gratification, entitlement, drive-through marriages, and cheap-n-quick divorces, it is so hard not to think of quitting as an option. it's so easy to see it as an easy out.

yet, when i know he's committed to making things work and he knows i feel the same way,
it helps to  thrust us into apologizing, moving on, and forgiving.

i'm thankful for that commitment that we both have towards each other.
it makes me feel safe and, at the same time, it challenges me to love, to repent, and to forgive
like i never thought i would have to or be able to.

i love my life with you, phil.
thank you for loving me and for making the last four years better than all of the previous years combined.
also, you're hot and i love your beard.


Angel said...

Happy Anniversary! My husband and I married when we were 21...almost 18 years ago! Keep up the great work! It's totally worth it. :)

Unknown said...

Happy 4th!

God bless and keep you both throughout the years. :)


abby said...

Happy Four Years!

carolynmp said...

love it! congratulations Phil & Esther!! And best line ever "also you're hot and I love your beard"

Amanda Kristeen said...

saw your blog over at sugar & dots. Happy anniversary - such a cute post! I've also always loved the "fix it, don't throw it away" quote. Awesome. :)


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