Tuesday, May 14, 2013

// moms day

every year for mothers day all i want is to do things i love with my family.
all i ask is that no one (ie husband) whines
this year, i wanted to take pictures and go to Ikea.
we slept in on  Sunday, i got coffee and a beautiful handmade card from my boy in bed
we headed out for Ikea and my husband claims he "accidentally" took a wrong turn
it was a beautiful sunday and i was already a bit guilt ridden that i was requesting to spend our day inside a building when we could be enjoying the day
so i took it as a sign (literally and figuratively) that the road we ended up on led to Hoboken. 
we ended up walking around that quaint, lively, busy town
grabbing lunch to go and sitting on a field  where we had a full view of the best city in the world. 
i forgot my camera... so basically i didn't get what "i wanted" for mom's day 
but it was totally perfect. for real.
then, when we got home, we had dinner with my family and i didn't have to cook a single thing.
except i did make a dessert (because i wanted to) that totally failed. 

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