Saturday, June 22, 2013

// 7 months // siena grace

Hey girlfriend. You're 7 months old and that's a little bit bonkers. 
It has gone by a little too fast for my comfort. 
You are really coming into your own. 
You're happy and smiley. You are babbling a lot and it's my favorite thing. 
You also like to be held more and more. 
When I hold you, you hang on to me like a koala bear. I love it.
You're scooting and crawling and getting into things. Your mobility is both so cute and so frustrating. 
Frustrating because I want you to stay a baby and because sometimes it gets your into trouble. 
Your favorite toy is an empty wipes bag. Yeah, seriously.

Recently I read about this woman who has two children. 
She says that as her older son grows up she notices things he did 
as a baby that gave her clues into his personality.
Since reading that I've been watching you closer. What clues are you giving us into how you will be?
You're joyful, curious, observant... and a little dramatic.

I definitely didn't forget to take pictures on your six month birthday... I just didn't get to blog about it.
These kids keep me busy!

Click R E A D  M O R E for 6 month pictures!

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