Thursday, June 6, 2013

// diy subway art sign using a vinyl decal

months ago i saw a poster on katy's instagram feed and i l o v e d it. 
i wanted it in my house like now.
one particular wall in my house was screaming for those words to be on it. 
the problem was that the poster was too big and a custom size would cost me $70 plus shipping.
so, yeah.

i had to have it so i went searching for options 
and found someone who sold a vinyl decal of the same quote.
the standard size would fit my wall space so  b  i  n  g  o  !

diy here we come.

here's how:

i took my chances with the jigsaw (i never use tools) and cut a piece of plywood to the dimensions of the decal (12" x 24"). 
i didn't bother with leaving space for margins or borders 
because i didn't want to have too much room for error. 

then husband dearest bought a 1" square strips of wood and cut them to fit the back perimeter of the board. we used 3/4" tacks to attach the wood strips on the front of the board to add some character to it

i painted the front and the sides of the sign and let it dry. 
i lightly sanded part of the face of the sign and the corners.

then i rolled out the vinyl decal over the board
and used kitchen utensils to make sure it was well adhered.
i slowly removed the film starting on the corners.

it was important to remove the film slowly making sure that each letter was coming off entirely.
sometimes part of the letter would stay behind and i would place the film back down 
and use my hand (or a spatula) to push it down to stick well. 

after the cutting, nailing, and painting,
this is one of the easiest dyi's i've done and one of my favorites. 

the project ended up being pricier than i thought 
(about $10 for the wood, $20 for the decal)
but it was exactly what i wanted and that's worth it to me

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