Monday, June 17, 2013

// fathers day + photo bummer

we had a pretty eventful fathers day weekend
of course all i have is a handful of pictures from my husbands i phone 
because i let my memory card go through the wash... twice.

i don't claim to be a photographer by any measure.
but i missed my camera this weekend. 
there were so many moments that i could envision through a lens.
what i would focus on, the angles i would take a photo from.
moments that won't be relived.
but oh well... at least they're in my memory and in these phone camera images.

we had celebrated my brother and his girlfriend's college graduation 
with brunch with both of their families. 
then on sunday we had phil's family over.
4 out of 7 siblings, 4 spouses, 2 parents, and 7 children.
it was a remarkably nice day. 
the children played and were relatively peaceful.
everyone contributed food for the spread.
everyone helped clean up, especially my mother in law.
the men went out for a movie afterwards and my kids took a legit nap.
it made me want to entertain more... something i will post about soon.

my husband felt loved at the end of the day.
he loves his family and spending time with them. 
it made me happy to be able to do that for him. 
h a p p y  f a t h e r s  d a y  t o  t h e  b e s t  d a d d y  
i n  t h e  w h o l e  w o r l d  i n  t h e  h i s t o r y  o f  m a n k i n d

and heres some pictures of my fearless child playing with live cicadas just because he can.

end of the evening = eating cake right off the plate.
ain't nobody got time for plates. 

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