Wednesday, June 5, 2013

// good guys

Phil and I both have little brothers.
Little brothers that aren’t so little.
They have both graduated college within a week of each other.
They’re like adults for real.

A few weeks ago we watched my brother graduate from Kean University
with a degree in business and a concentration in marketing. What? I mean.

Phil's brother graduated as a male nurse, or a "murse" if you will, from Rutgers University.

These milestones have me thinking that my kids are lucky.
I know… I can turn anything around and relate it to my kids like the world revolves around them.
But humor me…

They’re lucky because they have uncles and aunts that are pretty cool.
By cool I mean productive members of society.
Our brothers and sisters aren’t bums. 
They go to school. They work. They raise good families. They contribute to the world.
No one is solving world hunger or global warming
but they are examples of how you can be a good, kind person in today's culture.
Goodness and kindness are extremely underrated if you ask me.

While I want my children to dream big, be innovative, and set large goals for themselves,
I want them to know that being a decent citizen of humanity is more important than anything else they might do.

Our siblings are good people and I’m happy my kids get to see that from people that are so close to them.
If my kids end up being like any of Phil's and my siblings, I'd say we did good.

My kids got sick the night before Phil's brother's graduation so we didn't make it 
something I'm still disappointed about because the commencement speaker was one of my fave 
that's why I don't have pictures of it.
Not because I love my brother more. 

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Anna Demko said...

Our children are blessed if we have good examples of adulthood in front of their eyes while they are growing up...
btw, my husband is a murse too... It's a great profession


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