Thursday, July 18, 2013

// catch up photo dump

i'm here. i'm here. it's been a while but seriously life has been so busy. 
i have so much to blog about in the coming days. 
there have been many changes and i have so many ideas simmering in my head. 
it's amazing how two little people can consume your every second of the day. 
i don't resent them for it but MAN they are needy!

i'll catch you up with a photo dump. 

we visited my cousin's family in maryland for the fourth of july. 

and we took the boy took the air and space museum and the natural history museum 
... in the heat of july 5th. 

the air force military band was performing and siena was mezmerized by the instruments  

and we celebrated my cousin's sons birthday.
jake loves him and i wish so badly that we lived closer to each other. 

and we met this awesome baby who is probably a teenager by now. 
she's the baby we had a baby shower for a few months ago!

this girl. she's on the move and s t a n d i n g.
oy vey. it's a whole new world in this house.

these "fourth of july" pictures may or may not have been taken on july 10th.

i seriously forgot that this kid is almost three and should be in 3t clothing. 
we picked up 2t pajamas for him and he is busting out of them.  

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