Tuesday, July 30, 2013

// mon armoire // a new project

get it..? mon amour / mon armoire
a little french joke never hurt anyone.

my husband gave me a sweet hour to myself on saturday.
he said i could go to the thrift store without the kids 
because he knows that's basically my favorite thing to do.
what he didn't realize was that one hour was definitely long enough 
for me to come home with a big, big, big ol' piece of furniture.

i walked into the thrift store and t h e r e  i t  w a s. 
a big armoire. i love me a big piece of furniture with lots of potential.
most of the time i swoon in front of a piece, daydream of what i could do with it, 
and walk away with the knowledge that i don't have the time or the money for a new project.

but this baby had a price tag of $7.99
i texted the husband a picture and said i was thinking about lugging it home.
i could hear his sigh from miles away. but he said "if its in the budget..."

i was only thinking about it until i heard the loud speaker:
"something.something.something. all big furniture items are 50% off for today only."

yep. $4. i took it. obviously.

so here it is:

it doesn't look exciting. but it is. it is going to be great.
it will be the home of siena's future dress clothes. and she better like to play dress up.
it will live happily ever after in a corner of our playroom/family room/tv room.

okay. i'm getting weird. so annnnyway.
these are some places im grabbing inspiration from:

i'm slightly considering using a diy milk paint technique like in this picture up there. 
martha stewart has a tutorial but i'm skeptical.
have you ever worked with diy milk paint?

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