Wednesday, July 31, 2013

// vulnerability and forgiveness

Living life is dangerous. 
As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, you open yourself to the possibility of being hurt. 

In fact, it is likely that you and I will be hurt by someone today. Maybe tomorrow.
We will probably hurt someone else too.
By words, by actions. By lack of words, by lack of actions.
It might be a small offense
or a huge, brick-on-your-chest, take-your-breath-away kind of wound.

As human beings we can’t help but to feel insulted by some of the things other people do sometimes.
We are social beings after all and part of being social is interacting on many levels.
Our intellects, our desires, our preferences—they don’t always match up with others' and that’s normal.

But being Christians adds a different dimension to relationships. 

In the face of insult, we are called to be Christ-like.
We are called to do what He would do.
Turns out WWJD was more than just a bracelet from the 90’s.

We are called ditch our bruised pride and to forgive.

The world tells us forgiveness makes you vulnerable.
Vulnerability is weak.
It’s bad.

Part of that is true.

The only thing that makes you feel more vulnerable than being hurt is forgiving.
But that's not a bad thing.

Vulnerability makes us step outside of our comfort zone
and accept that we are not unbreakable. 
It makes us accept that we aren't as strong as we might think.
It makes us look past people's mistakes and faults.
Accept their broken selves because we're broken too. 

Vulnerability make us depend on Him to pick us up and soften our hearts enough to forgive.


God allows humiliation 
until the heart reaches humility.

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