Monday, July 1, 2013

// weekending in philly with my phil


We just got back from spending a little over 30 hours in Philadelphia.
Thirty kid-free hours is a small eternity in mom time, I think.
Listen, I love my kids, like a lot, but being home with them all the time takes a toll.
Last week they behaved particularly "special" so I was r e a d y to run away from home. 
It was perfect timing that we had planned this getaway a couple of months back.

Before you scroll down searching for all the culture and interesting things we did in such a rich city,
I'll break the news to you: we didn't do much.
We ate, drank, listened to good music, took pictures, walked around, and talked.
It was exactly what I needed. 

We tend to be kinda silly when we're together. 
Well, when I'm not incredibly serious.

Caught him!

While I was in Costa Rica a few months ago, 
Phil surprised me by buying tickets for the Dave Matthews Band concert. 
I have nagged him for yearrrrrs to go with me. 
In high school I went to two or three DMB shows and I was so excited to go back. 
The whole weekend away was planned around it.

It was a really fun experience even in spite of the children furiously making out all around us. 

I snapped this picture to remember the moment my husband loved me enough to race a teenage girl 
and beat her to getting two of the last seats on the train. Yep, I'm a lucky girl.

We had the best friggin burgers we've ever had at 1am at a place called 500 degrees.

We slept in on Sunday. Heavenly sleep. It rained but we didn't have plans so it didn't matter.
Then we ate breakfast/lunch at Eulogy, a bar with 150 beers to choose from AND great food.
It's one of those places I'll want to go back to everyday for the rest of my life.

Jake stayed with my mom and Siena with her godparents.
One of the best best best things about the whole weekend was the fact that I didn't have to worry.
They were each with people who love on them more than anything.
It was the first time we left Siena for more than a few hours
She's 7 months and we never left Jake before he was 13 months 
so it was a bit of a nerve-racking thing for me to do. 
The thing is: she did awesome. Better than I thought she would. 
She loved being with her godparents and that makes me happier than I can say. 

I needed this time away. We needed this time away.
I'm still tired today. Still in my pajamas. Still need to do laundry and clean up breakfast.
Life is back to normal.
Yet, after having a weekend away, I'm refreshed enough to tackle all the daily tasks all over again.

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