Saturday, August 24, 2013

// i n s e a t t l e

I’m on a plane. By myself. Final destination is Seattle, Washington (!)
Where I will spend five days when some pretty cool ladies. By ourselves.
Eating. Talking. Eating. Talking. Eating. Eating.

This blog post will be published... eventually... this weekend.

Last year we took a trip to Lake Placid, New York.
I was massively pregnant and still managed to have a great time.
(It really wasn’t that difficult)

At the time I was struggling with having a daughter.
I was nervous and I blogged about my worries once or twice.

Frankly, I didn’t know how to be a mother to a girl
because I’ve always struggled with relationships with lady folk.
It’s one of my many quirks.

I have friends. Great friends.
But we have a unique situation where all of my friends’ husbands are my husband’s friends. And our kids area each others pals.
We’re all one big circle of friendships.
It’s peculiar, special, and uncommon. It’s great.

My relationships with these women, my blog-friends-turned-real-friends friends,
is different though.
We had not met each other in person and so we had to start from the very beginning.

Not to over-spiritualize the girls weekend getaway that I’m about to join in an hour,
but I feel that God truly meant for me to meet these women last year
to build relationships with them outside of husbands and children.

We’ve had to foster these relationships from scratch
and i've had to learn h o w to have these friendships.

In the last year I’ve learned how vastly different we can be and still be friends, respectful, and loving.
How we can come from every walk of life, how Christ can redeem every single ugly sin, how we all express ourselves differently, how many little secrets we have and how we all need a trusty confidant. How much little and big joys we can all share in every single day.

Because of that my blog pals have greatly blessed my relationships with all other women in my life.
I’ve learned how I can be a better mother to my daughter from these blogger girls
and I’m so excited to spend some amazing few days with them. 

In person. Not through texts.

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