Wednesday, August 28, 2013

// siena grace // 9 months

Siena. You keep me busy, girl.
Which is the reason why I missed your 8 month photoshoot.
Let’s just pretend this is it.

It wasn’t but this picture captures so much of what was going on a month ago
And is still happening.
You are active.
You move around so so much.
Crawling, standing, and you’re starting to cruise on the furniture.
I caught you letting go of the couch when you were standing up the other day.
I may or may not be discouraging this.
I frankly don’t want you to walk too soon.
It will get harder to keep you safe.
Although, you love being held and you are h e a v y.
So maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing.
I’ll let you decide because that’s the way most things go with you these days.

I won’t complain. You are such a good girl.
You love to eat and sleep.
Naptimes were getting too short for my liking recently
But I think you weren’t getting enough milk.
I started taking some vitamins and you were back to your normal sched.
That’s my girl.

You are still your happy self. Easy going and sweet.
Making you smile is the easiest thing in the world.

The sweetest thing that has developed in recent weeks
Is your relationship with your daddy.
You follow him around the room, around the house.
You get sad and wail when he leaves sometimes.
You guys sing to each other.
It’s sweet.

I love you my girl. You and your twinkly eyes are a joy. 

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sarah said...

so so pretty and sweet!!!


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