Monday, September 9, 2013

// diet update

By now we’ve been on our special diet for about a month or so.
I have to say that we really believe it is working.
Jake has had one wheezing episode since his last one (we attributed that one to dairy.)
This time he grabbed his friend’s leftover sandwich without me noticing and had a few bites.
Soon after, he was coughing.
That same night he played outside with his daddy
and a few minutes later he couldn’t stop coughing long enough to take a bite of his dinner 
and his breathing was increasingly labored.
After a nebulizer treatment, he was good to go.
We believe it was a combination of wheat and exercise.

He has otherwise been healthy. Even his environmental allergies haven’t come back.

The real tests will come when Jake is in preschool in the fall and how he does in the winter.
For the first time he’ll be exposed to germs from other kids 
that could give him cold symptoms that usually end up in wheezing or asthma.
In the winter, the cold air sometimes also gives him a head cold that makes its way to his lungs 
and he winds up with labored breathing.

If this diet is working, he won’t end up with wheezing 
and his respiratory system will continue to heal and strengthen as will his immune system.

Here’s to hoping. . .

There have been other little and huge benefits to adopting this diet as a family.

For one, my husband has lost around 13 pounds. I know. I told him to stop.
I’ve lost a solid 8. I’m ecstatic.
We have been able to notice how certain foods affect us.
For example, I think I’m slightly allergic to peanuts. Every time I have peanut butter (which is a lot of the time since I mix with honey to eat with fruit as a dessert)
I get an itchy throat. Who knew?!
We also notice that our body hates dairy. 
A serving of ice cream the size of what we used to have will leave us with b a d stomach aches. 
Phil has some skin issues that have cleared up.
My skin issues (eczema) are still around but flare when I cheat the diet.

We have also been eating much healthier as a family. 
We eat more whole foods, try new foods often, find new ways to prepare old ones.

Both Phil and I believe that this diet change has been good enough to make it a permanent or semi-permanent one. Sure, it's hard. REALLY hard sometimes (cough cough labor day cookies). But it has been so worth it.

For now, we’re definitely sticking to our gluten free, dairy free, low sugar diet. 

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ladybug said...

so good to read Esther. this first year of preschool J might still have some episodes when he is exposed to germs and viruses since his respiratory system will take time to repair but hopefully it will be significantly less and not as severe as time goes on.


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