Monday, September 23, 2013

// jake's third

We celebrated Jake's third birthday this weekend. 
It's cliche but I can't believe how fast time has passed. 
This boy has become such a character.
He's got the funniest mannerisms and now he's talking so much!
He makes us laugh every single day.
He's an observative, fun-loving, and t a l k a t i v e kid.

On his birthday he got to go to the movie theatre for the first time ever. 
He was excited to watch Disney's Planes
but when he got there he was scared but he wanted to stay. 
I thought it was so appropriate for where he is in his little life.
He's very much still a baby, a little boy. He needs us to kiss his boo-boos and comfort him.
But he's also on his way to being a big guy and he wants to do brave things.

He loved the movie and now he's obsessed with Dusty.

We celebrated his birthday with our immediate families and Jake's godparents late on Saturday.
He was so excited to have so many people he loved at his house, celebrating him. 
His joy was just exuding. 
It was amazing to see him so happy and I was happy to be able to do that for him.

Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast is a great way to start your third year on the world.  


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