Wednesday, September 4, 2013

// o h . s e a t t l e .

for months talk of seattle went on. 
carina, jami, kara, danielle, sarah, hannah, aly, leslie, and i
would all meet up in that city for a long weekend in a beautiful house 
for some relaxation, talking, and eating.
the eating... it was too good for me. too good.

now i can't believe it has come and go.
it was everything i imagined it would be. 
we talked late and i even slept in a few mornings.
we went to mass without children so i got to pay attention without interruption.

on top of all that, the girls i got to share that time with are some of the best out there.
i laughed so incredibly much and cried a little too.
i miss them. a lot. a lot.
so now we count down until next time.

aly + leslie, i spared us from posting the pictures i have of us. 

food shopping is basically a tradition.

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