Friday, November 22, 2013

// christmas project round up

It is taking every ounce of strength within me to refrain from starting the Christmas merriment. I am dying DYING to put all the decorations up, buy a tree, watch Elf, and do all things holiday. I was loudly singing O Holy Night at lunch today! I'm not sure why this year I'm so unusually expectant of the season but I vowed to wait until after Thanksgiving. My husband used to request that we wait until the week before Christmas Day to do any decorating and celebrating. Nonsense. You better believe I'll be watching Elf on Black Friday and celebrate all the way into January for the Epiphany.

Today I'm getting by through pinning projects (check out my board here) and looking at my old posts. 
He's a round-up some things I've done in the past to celebrate the season! Click on the pic to see the full post. christmas jesse tree advent activity ornaments meaning diy christmas flower poinsettia diy stationary old past christmas card album diy Chocolate Truffle Recipe, Neighbor Gift, Easy Dessert kids childrens christmas project activity Christmas decorations home tour christmas holiday decor decorations

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Unknown said...

We will be decorating the day after thanksgiving too! You are so talented


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