Tuesday, November 19, 2013

// sg is one!

our peanut turned one on the 10th. she's da bomb dot com. every day she amazes me with how loveable she is with her generous smile and beaming joy. the girl has us wrapped around her finger.
she started walking at 10.5 months (which is probably a large reason why i haven't blogged as much lately) and she literally has not stopped. she keeps us on our toes for sure. i'm not going to lie, we're already preparing mentally for her to give us a run for our money. she has a little 'tude that makes us laugh right now but it could become an issue later on. she just knows what she wants and when she wants it and, unfortunately, she knows how to get it. i mean look at that smile. i find it very very hard to say no to her. for now, one step at a time, i'm happy to be able to snuggle her every day.

a little about her party coming soon!

1 comment:

Ashley O'Brien said...

Wow! Already been a year!? She has grown so fast and so much and is beautiful!


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