Friday, December 27, 2013

// post-christmas perspective

The holidays did not go as planned. There was too much busyness, my kids were babysat more times than I wanted them to be, my house didn't look as merry as I had hoped, the presents we gave were not as special as I envisioned, we didn't read the Jesus Storybook Bible often enough, I hung ten Jesse tree ornaments on December 23, and more than half of the Advent calendar envelopes are still hanging-- the special activities I had planned for Jake went undone. Need I go on?

Today, two days after Christmas, I am sitting here looking back at all my shortcomings and reflecting on the fact that Christmas happened anyway. Emmanuel! The sweet baby Savior and King was born! 

Nothing that I did or failed to do could have prevented Christmas from happening... and it's like that every single day. The Lord comes into our life, regardless of what our home looks like. Heck! He comes in spite of what our heart looks like... dirty, messy, embarrassing. He loves us. He pursues us. He saves us. He gives His life for us. There is nothing we can do or not do that will stop Him. I know I'm undeserving but I welcome it because I'd be stupid not to.

Additionally, I find myself being so grateful for the actual Christmas season. Now that the Advent season has passed, Christmas is here! A whole twelve days until the Epiphany to observe what the birth of Jesus means. Twelve days that most people don't take advantage of. Twelve days that I'm clinging on to them, hoping to get every little bit of Christmas that I can. 

So, for another ten days, Merry Christmas! I hope you too are continuing the celebration of the birth of Jesus. 

Here are some images from our imperfect Advent season. 

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