Wednesday, May 28, 2014

// sleep is for suckers

It's a wild and crazy life over here and most of the wildness happens after dark. Let me give you a glimpse of it.


Last night I was too tired to pick up the toys in the playroom. There were only a few cars and a road track on the rug so I figured it wasn't a big deal. That's pretty much the story most days: it's 8pm and I could fall asleep on the cold, dirty floor. I don't... but I could.

This morning, Siena was up earlier than usual at around 6:15am so I snuck in the kids room to pick her up. Jake was sound asleep. Phil was preparing to run out the door, packing his bags and making his breakfast spinach shake which has become his new ritual (and I'm not fighting him).

When I got up this morning I walked past the playroom door and noticed that a basket of blocks was sitting there next to the car tracks. I didn't think too much about it figuring Phil had taken them out for Siena to play with.

Jake eventually got up not too long after. He was happy and finished his breakfast with enough time to play for a while before getting dressed for school. After cleaning up the kitchen I joined him in the playroom and asked him to take some toys out for his sister to play with.

"I already did, Mommy. I took the blocks out last night when it was dark and you and Daddy were asleep."

Huh? I asked him many questions to confirm what he was saying. I even called my husband asking if he had taken the blocks out before he left for work. No, he said. Had Jake really gotten up in the middle of the night and gone into the playroom? According to him, he did, and I have no reason not to believe him.

Sleepwalker? I don't think so. He's just a boy eager to play all the time, not to mention unafraid of the dark. The other night I also heard him using our bathroom in the middle of the night but he climbed into our bed right after.

Oy vey.


Siena has taken a liking for climbing out of her crib and Pack & Play. The girl is only 18-months-old so when she started doing this my reaction was one of panic. What in the world was I going to do? She is too little for a bed so that's out of the question. I frantically searched online for a solution. A sleep sack! Yes! Three weeks ago I went out and bought one. It worked. Problem solved... or so I thought.

Early in the morning on Monday, Memorial Day, Phil and I woke up to the sounds of an almost-4-year-old walking into our room. That's not an uncommon thing in our house because Jake likes to climb into our bed and doze off for a little while until we're all up. But then, following Jake, came who else but Siena Grace proudly pitter pattering with a mischievous grin on her face. She had wiggled her way out of the sleep sack, climbed out of her crib, and made her way to our bedroom. Mind you, we have a video monitor and sleep with the sound on all night and we did not hear a thing. She's a sneaky one. Those two share a room so I can only imagine what the whispered conversation was like early that day.

Phil and I were shocked, of course, but we've resigned ourselves to this. Siena is a resilient little girl and she will get what she wants someway, somehow.


For both Jake and Siena, this is dangerous behavior but we can't help but laugh a little bit about it. I'm in a permanent state of tired so most of the time I have two emotional settings: laugh/cry or cry. I choose to laugh about this one.

While I find myself overwhelmed by my growingly curious little kids, I also love to watch them as they discover new things. Their eyes twinkling with excitement. I love that they're adventurous. I love that they're not fearful.

I could learn a thing or two from them.

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