Friday, June 13, 2014

// kids shared room tour

My kids share a small room. We moved Siena in with Jake when she was around 6 months or so. People think we're crazy. Admittedly, it's not the easiest set up. They wake each other up every now and then, they share a closet, there is only room for one dresser... can you say "first world problems"? The truth is I can't even imagine them in their own rooms. 
It seems like they would be lonely. 
I love having them keeping each other company.

When I was pregnant, I had a vision for their room. I wanted it to be light and neutral. I wanted to use a rubber alligator that Phil got Jake on a business trip in New Orleans and, for Siena, I wanted to display some flowers and a cluster of poofs. Lastly, I wanted oversized letters on the wall. 
I love how it all came together in the end. It is probably my favorite room in the house. 

Since I could only fit one dresser in the room, we also use it as a changing table. 
I hung up baskets from the wall to store all the diapering essentials at arm's reach. 
After Jake was potty trained, I put his underwear in there. 

The chevron dresser has been used by my family for over a dozen years and it has been many different colors. The chevron was a DIY a few years ago for our family room and it later moved to the kids' room.

The dresser has two drawers per kid-- one for shirts/tops and the other for pajamas-- there is a shared drawer for undershirts, bloomers, and diaper creams, and the sliding doors are where I keep baby carriers. Their closet is very efficiently set up so it really helps to maximize the room and closet. 

You see, it's a small room.

I've found that using vertical space is really important in a small house. 
Baskets and shelves on the wall are huge floorspace savers. 

I keep some books lower down too to encourage the kids to sit and read sometimes. 

I couldn't find a fabric that matched my vision for curtains so we solved the dilemma with two fabric shower curtains from Target. 

It's a small space but it meets all of their needs right now. 

There are changes in the works right now as Siena transitions into a bed 
but for now I am taking in the final days of a crib and a toddler bed.

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