Tuesday, June 3, 2014

// a short film about adoption in full circle

Last summer I had the opportunity of making a new friend, Paula. Pau is a member of a covenant community in Costa Rica that is just like our community in New Jersey. She was a film communications (or something like that) student and was be spending her summer in Brooklyn interning for a production company called Grassroots Films. She wanted to spend time getting to know people from our community on her weekends off and so I was asked to host her for one night. A friendship flourished... she ended up staying in our home for much more than a night and we were delighted to have her. On our recent trip to Costa Rica, we were able to go on an adventure with her, her mom, and a few friends from their community. She's a friend I have grown to really love.

During her stay in Broolyn, Pau also made friends with her colleagues at Grassroots one of whom was a girl named Lexi. Paula is currently in Colombia helping Lexi in shooting a short film alongside the guys of Grassroots Films .

The film is about Paula's friend Lexi.

Lexi was born on October 18, 1990, in Colombia and was adopted when she was 1.5-years-old by a family from Indiana. For 20 years Lexi hasn't known who took care of her for the first 18 months of her life or what her life was like at all. She has had questions about this and life in general that she plans to dive into on film. The documentary that they are shooting will explore Lexi's return journey to her birthplace while discovering new things, people, and places about her story... discovering the missing pieces of her puzzle.

As someone with a heart for adoption, as I know many of you are, the concept of this film is intriguing and attractive even if I only know Lexi through Paula's stories. I am so looking forward to seeing adoption come full circle in Lexi's story. This adventure seems like a journey that some adopted children only dream of. Yet Lexi is making it a reality and capturing it on video to share it with the world. She's stepping in places where she stepped as a toddler, meeting people that held her as a newborn, finding bits her heritage... and I can't help but think that she's even finding a little bit of herself.

While the film concept is born out of her story, Lexi says this isn't just going to be about her or even about adoption... 

In her Kickstarter profile, Lexi says:

I've asked myself many times what might my life had been like, had I not been adopted? I really don't know, and I'm not sure I can answer that and be confident that I would believe I would still be where I am today. 

But I can explore what it means to build on the idea that all of our lives are connected. That all over the world, similar stories are being told by someone just like you. That all over the world, there is opportunity and chance around every corner if we allow ourselves to learn from one another, to both give up things we may have to--and to receive things that come in it's place.

I'm sharing about this movie for a few reasons. I'm so excited for a story like this to be told and for my friend to work on a project like this. Equally so, I'm looking forward to watching another Grassroots Films because they do great work. If you've seen any of their films, they are well made and deeply touching. It always makes me happy to see worthwhile things done well and I know that this will be just that.

While Lexi and her crew recently met their fundraising goal on Kickstarter, their campaign is still open for support. You can find it here.

If nothing more you can root for this crew and lookout for their work soon.

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