Tuesday, September 9, 2014

// 858 pictures

My husband is always teasing me about taking too many pictures. He says: "Let the memories live in your brain."

I find myself ashamedly putting the phone away when he says that, convincing myself that he must be right. I tell myself that I should live the moment, not just capture it.

All of it is true of course but the key is balance, I think.

You see, my fried mom brain is pretty full these days. Any given moment I could be thinking about what I am making for dinner, where we will spend the holidays this year, or what time I have to get up tomorrow in order to get Jake to school on time, among endless other things. It's full in there.

I was transferring my iPhone pictures to my computer last night. 858 pictures from this summer after deleting doubles and blurries. What 858 instances could I have found so compelling? I clicked through them, each picture bringing back a memory of something happy, something exciting, something interesting, something funny, something something from the last two-and-a-half months that my kids and I spent enjoying summer.

It dawned on me that if I didn't snap pictures every now and then, some memories wouldn't be memories at all. They would be lost in the dimension of time.

That's what happened before we all had high tech phones in our pockets. True. Yet now we have the luxury of having a device to help us bring back memories when our minds, for no fault of their own, fail us.

I'm grateful. Not only do I have fond "real" memories from this summer but I have all these images to remind me of even more great times we had.

Here are a few of the shots that I'm glad I captured. Some are ok pictures, others aren't so good but the point is that they're there because I partially or completely forgot about some of these things:

I had to bring the kids to the pool to get our membership cards and they insisted on staying. It was 70 degrees outside and, within 15 minutes of water play, Jake was in fetal position under several towels trying to warm back up. Siena, on the other hand, is unstoppable and didn't seem to notice the temperature. 

Phil was in school for a lot of the early summer weekends. The kids and I not only survived but actually enjoyed the extra day in spite of daddy being gone. Donuts helped. Proof God gives grace!

Early summer was a nice time to run at 6am. I miss those runs.

Siena got her first black eye. Badass. 

Costa Rica was awesome at the World Cup. The excitement was unlike anything I had experienced before. 

I redid our landscaping all by myself while Phil and Jake were away camping. 
I went to Home Depot, dug holes, used fertilizer. Miracles do happen!

 Phil built us benches for our table. I had been asking for them for years. 

This girl. Something about the striped dress and the sunflowers. Amiright?

Jake became a boss at using scissors. This was one of his first attempts. Like a boss.

I went to Camp Hope for a week. It was amazing and I should blog about it. 

My kids developed a love for reading. This came at a good time as morning sickness pairs well with laying on the couch reading books over and over and over. That's not sarcasm. The alternative was being dragged outside where I would gag at my kids' odd discoveries from nature.

We went to weddings. After all these years, I still like him a lot.

We hung out with my brother who is leaving for a national tour of Cinderella in the fall.
(Go see him in a city near you!)

I ran my first 5k ever at 11 weeks preggers. Not bad and so fun!

Before leaving on tour, my little brother moved into the city to rehearse. We went to see his place which, in typical New York fashion, is tiny and he shares with two other people who he barely knows. Such an adventure he's living. I'm so excited for him.  

The Central Park Zoo was perfect for these tiny people. Small, affordable, walkable, fun. AND they have a petting zoo! It was such a fun time with them, my mom, and my brother.  

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The Olive Tree Blog said...

haha i am the same way with photos...and my brain is full too! also, lots of photos helps with blogging. :)


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